Support & Development of Innovative Solutions Against Fraud.

Our Strategies

Seek & Develop Initiatives that Target Specific Fraud in Specific Sector

Business Development

Venture Capital: Funding for new concepts, startups, innovations, and existing businesses that focus on fraud and fraud-related issues.

Strategic Development: Support organizations, businesses, and individuals who provide fraud-related products and services.

Task Forces

Expert Collaboration: Form target-specific teams with subject matter expertise directed at specific strategic outcomes.

Industry Partnerships: Develop partnerships across industries to amplify collaboration and resources, and identify emerging threats.

Education & Research

Research Grants: Funding for fraud-specific academic research projects and scientific analysis.

Education: Support and develop educational and outreach programs to improve fraud awareness and prevention.

Submit Your Proposal

To submit your proposal for a new Initiative utilizing business development, capital investment, collaborative effort, education program, or research grant:

1) A 1-Page Resume
2) Submit a maximum 3-page proposal that includes the following:
–Executive Summary
–Direct Impact to Fraud-Related Issue
–Specific Goals and Achievements
–If Applicable, Funding Level Requested with Detailed Usage Explanation
–If Applicable, Revenues (Actual and/or 5 year Projections)

Do not submit complete business plans, marketing plans, or other documents until requested to do so.
Once your proposal has been reviewed, you will be contacted for an interview and/or request for more information.

Initiative: Finance

Initiatives Spanning Fraud in Finance, Investments, Accounting and other Financials.

INITIATIVE #1: Financial PreCheck

TARGET: Fraudulent & Disreputable Financial Professionals

DESCRIPTION: Advancements in technology and communications have made fraudulently impersonating authentic financial professionals less detectable than ever. Also, financial professionals who have professional records mired with links to fraudulent activity, long histories of misconduct and disciplinary actions continue to evade detection and operate unimpeded. Both present an ongoing danger to investors being continuously lured into fraudulent investments.

SOLUTION: The Financial PreCheck Challenge,

GOALS: Separate authentic and reputable financial professionals from the frauds; Reward and spotlight those who have maintained clean professional records, cleared from links to fraud or professional misconduct.

-Invite all regional Financial Professionals to volunteer to submit to a fraud detection investigation to discard those with links to fraud.
-Award special recognition to those with upstanding professional records.
-Subject them to periodic re-investigations, establish code of conduct, monitor and discard violators.
-Maintain results in free, easy to use, searchable public directory.
-Engage with public via media campaign to distinguish and spotlight those select professionals accepted.

Submit a proposal for your Finance Initiative

Initiative: Health

Initiatives Spanning Fraud in Medical, Biological, Health, and other Life Sciences.

Initiative #1: Under Development

Submit a proposal for your Health Initiative

Initiative: Education

Initiatives Spanning Fraud Education, Community Outreach and Engagement.

Initiative #1: Under Development

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